How to contribute to a project on Github

How to contribute to a project on Github

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I assume you already have an account on github. Let’s say you want to contribute to the project latex-cefetmg.

Step 1: Make your working copy

Make your working copy of the project by forking it: go on the project page ( and click in the “Fork” button.

After forking the repository, clone your fork git repository on your local computer.

git clone

Step 2: Do some work

Create a new branch for your patch:

git branch my-patch
git checkout my-patch

This is very important, create one branch per patch.

Make your patch, change the code, fix a bug, add a cool feature, etc. When you are done, commit your changes:

git add -u
git commit -m "Fixing some broken feature"

Push your new branch to github:

git push origin my-patch

Step 3: Create the “Pull Request”

Go on your fork page, then select “my-patch” in the branch list and click in “Pull Request”.

Check the diff, write a message explaining what you have done and why the repository owner should accept your pull request and submit.

Cristiano Nunes

Cristiano Nunes

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